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Bike  Floor Stand For 31.8mm Pump
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Bike Floor Stand For 31.8mm Pump
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Floor Mounted Parking Bike Rack
6 Bike Floor Stand


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If you’re securing your bicycle when it isn’t being used or need both hands when performing maintenance and repairs, Cycling Deal’s online bike store has all the options you need with our high quality, affordable range of bike racks and stands.

Secure Storage with Bike Racks and Stands

A bike rack is a device to which bicycles can be securely attached, they may be free standing or securely attached to the ground or a stationary object. Indoor bicycle racks are often installed for private parking in households or offices where more than one bicycle is in frequent use. General styles include the Inverted U, Serpentine, Bollard and Grid.

Racks that can secure both wheels and the frame of a bicycle, using a lock, are the most effective and secure style. To purchase a new lock, have a look at our extensive selection of bike accessories and cycling gear online.

Installing Your New Bike Rack

While a bike rack should be installed in a visible area, it is vital that the rack or stand has adequate spacing away from traffic and pedestrians. Cyclists will need plenty of space to securely lock their bicycle without any danger of hitting other parked bikes, cars or people. Consider weather protection when implementing a bike rack to help protect the rack from corrosion and encourage cyclists to comfortably secure their bike for extended periods of time.

It is beneficial to use a bike rack or stand to adjust and repair, so consider installing one of Cycling Deal’s bike racks in your workshop or garage. With such a broad range of options, finding the right size and style of bike rack/stand for your needs is simple. For securing your bike while in transit, look at our many choices of bicycle car racks.

CTA: To receive assistance when choosing the perfect cycling gear, racks and stands for you, speak to one of the friendly experts at Cycling Deal. Contact us online or call (03) 9793 9188.

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