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HASA 2019 HASA SWIFT Electric 36V/200W 9 Speed Rear Drive E-Bike 27.5"

Go Further, Go Faster

Go further with an electric mountain bike. Cycling Deals offers huge discounts on these state-of-the-art Wheeler Ebikes, built to last and incorporating the smoothest technology. Whether you want to ascend Sydney's hills in half the time or see more during the day while mountain biking, an ebike might be the perfect solution.

With BIONX batteries that will go for 130km on a full charge, Wheeler Ebikes are hitting the big leagues because of their powerful abilities and superb convenience. If you have a long commute, go up hills, or simply want to see more on a trip, consider a bike that is just as easy to ride as a pushbike but with the power of an added motor. Electric bikes are environmentally friendly and fast to charge. Available in 15.5inch, 17 inch and 19 inch.

Go further with a new Ebike. Buy online or give us a call at 03 9793 9188 to learn more. Get 6 months interest-free on our financing plans.

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