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Remember having training wheels on your first bike? Did you feel a lot more confident on your new, two wheel machine? The fact is that top-quality training wheels are a necessary investment when your child is learning to ride, in more ways than one.

There are some things you may not know about training wheels:

  1. Top quality is important for safety. Good training wheels are reliable and won’t let your kid down when going solo for the first few times.
  2. Training wheels do much more than build confidence. They build competence in handling, steering and managing a kids bike in different environments.
  3. Good training wheels give good balance. They help kids to develop that instinctive feel for balance on a bike which is so important to safe riding.

Our Training Wheels

These reasons are why Cycling Deal only stocks top-of-the-line training wheels. Our training wheels have proper, secure fitting to the bike to ensure safe performance. Browse our selection of training wheels and see all the available features. We also have available convertible kids bikes, great quality kids mountain bikes and 

Reliability and usability are the major considerations for training wheels. We have training wheels which are designed to take weights up to 120 kg, true heavy-duty wheels which deliver the solid base that kids need when learning to ride. Our range also includes girls bikes and boys bikes in smaller sizes to manage riding at all ages.

Ordering Your Training Wheels

Ordering is very straightforward. To order, click on your choice of product and follow the links through the checkout process. We take most credit cards, PayPal and more. You can order our products Australia-wide. We’ll ship your order right away.

Need to Talk to Someone about Choosing Training Wheels?

We sell everything online for bikes in Australia, and we really do understand parents want the best. We also know that choosing these important training wheels can be difficult because you want to rest easy knowing that you bought the right ones. All you need to do is talk to our friendly experts!

We can help you find the perfect training wheels for your child’s needs. Call Cycling Deal on (03) 9793 9188 or contact us online for all the friendly help you need and make sure you get the right trainers for your kid.

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