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Bicycle Trainer Spin Bike Floor Mat Indoor Cycle Exercise Equipment Gym Flooring
Cyclingdeal Bike Indoor Trainer Rear Wheel 12mm Thru Axle Length 160mm to 172mm
Cyclingdeal Bike Indoor Trainer Rear Wheel 12mm Thru Axle Length 166mm to 178mm
Exercise Equipment Fitness Floor Mat Treadmill Stationary Indoor Bike Gym Mat- High Density

Bike trainers and rollers are a great way for cyclists to train indoors. Coming in a variety of compact and stylish options, there’s never been a better time to purchase a trainer from Cycling Deal and our online bike store.

Why More Cyclists Are Buying Bike Trainers and Rollers

More competitive and professional cyclists are turning to indoor cycling for a variety of reasons. Especially in Melbourne, battling the cold, winter weather can be a nightmare so being able to maximise training potential in the comfort of your own home is an excellent solution. If your training is compacted into a small window of time, rollers and trainers are great to remove travel and inconvenient stopping.

Indoor cycling allows a rider to incorporate structure and specificity into a ride that cannot be done on the road, especially if the weather conditions aren’t ideal. Investing in a Garmin bike computer can assist cyclists with mapping and planning their training session.

Deciding Between Rollers and Trainers

Rollers and trainers share many similarities – both are portable and don’t require a huge amount of storage space, with trainers requiring even less space than rollers. Both are typically less expensive than a stationary bike and allow cyclists to use their own road bikes or mountain bikes.

Generally, rollers allow cyclists to concentrate on their spinning technique and are effective in developing fitness levels. However, trainers are more effective in providing resistance workouts when gaining strength and power. Rollers are lo-fi in comparison to trainers and can be relatively less expensive whereas trainers require less focus and are easier to mount and dismount.

CTA: Depending on your individual needs, Cycling Deal stock all your online bicycle needs and can help you decide between rollers and trainers while staying within your budget. Contact us online or call (03) 9793 9188 to speak to a bicycle expert.

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