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VENZO Bicycle Repair Tool Box with Workstand


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Workstands are an essential fixture to secure your bike and allow you to perform repairs and maintenance on your mountain bike or road bike with two free hands. Available in many styles and configurations, Cycling Deal stocks workstands to suit your budget and design preferences.

Why are Workstands Necessary?

As the centre of any home workshop, a workstand is extremely useful when carrying out repair work. Lifting the bike from the ground, workstands hold your bike at a comfortable height and secures it so you can completely focus on the task in front of you, rather than using one hand to hold the bike still.

Choosing the Right Workstand For Your Needs

There are many important factors to consider before you make your online purchase. Do you need the workstand to be easy to store and portable? What level of weight will it be supporting? Do your bikes need to be handled delicately or do you have many different kinds of bikes like a mountain bike or a road bike?

Depending on whether you’re using your workstand for commercial or personal use, budget is another major factor to consider. Browse our extensive range and speak to one of the Cycling Deal experts to assess your options.

Complete Your Bicycle Workshop

Undertaking your own repairs and maintenance is a cost-effective and consistent way to assure the lifespan of your bike. Once you’ve chosen the perfect workstand for your needs, search our comprehensive online bike store for quality bike parts for your bicycle and a variety of bike accessories.

If you have any further enquiries regarding finding the best workstand to suit your budget, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff at Cycling Deal online or by calling (03) 9793 9188

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