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HASA R1 Shimano 105 with Mavic Cosmic  Wheelset Carbon Road Bike
HASA TI800 Shimano 105 22 Speed TITANIUM Road Bike
HASA CRX Shimano Ultegra 22 Speed  Carbon Road Bike
HASA R1 Shimano 105 22 Speed Carbon Road Bike
HASA R1 Shimano 105 22 Speed Carbon Road Bike with Carbon Wheels
HASA R2 Shimano Tiagra 20 Speed Alloy Road Bike
HASA R3 Shimano Sora 18 Speed Road Bike
HASA R3 Sora 18 Speed Road Bike
On Sale
HASA R4 Shimano 2403 24 Speed Road Bike
Wheeler Route 1.5 Disc Brake Carbon Shimano 105 22 Speed Road Bike
WHEELER ROUTE 1.6 Ultegra 22 Speed Road Bike
On Sale

If you’re looking for road bikes, you’ve come to the right place. Come and browse our huge range of road bikes online for delivery across Australia. We have top-of-the-line road bikes at great prices and everything else you need for the perfect bike.

Our Road Bikes Range

Our road bikes include the latest in the world famous Shimano and Ultegra brands, true performance bikes.  These bikes are truly excellent value, delivering excellent road work and tough, reliable riding when you need to do serious long-distance rides.

Browse our bikes and compare each model. Check out the different bike specifications, too. You’ll see these models are the true pro-standard road bikes, perfect for serious riders and road competitions. Compare our prices, too, and save money on your new bike, up to 50% in some cases!

Looking for Bike Accessories, Parts, and More?

We also supply a full range of bike parts, tools, pedals, brakes, pumps, seat posts, travel cases and bags. Customise your bike the way you want with us. We can also help with road shoes and other essentials.  Check out our range of saddles, seat posts and other must-haves for a great fit to you and your riding needs.

We deliver our road bikes Australia-wide. Save up to 50% on our special deals, and get all the extras you want at great prices too.

For more information about all our products, read about our incredible range of fixie bikes, BMX bikesflat bar road bikesmountain bikes and road bikes at Cycling Deal.

Talk to Cycling Deal about Road Bikes

Cycling Deal is the place to go for anything and everything to do with bikes online in Australia. We can help you with all your accessories, parts and more. For expert help, all you need to do is call (03) 9793 9188 or contact us online. We’re happy to assist and help you find the perfect road bike.  

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