10 Ways to Stay Warm While Riding in Winter

Author: Cycling Deal Date Posted:15 May 2016

Use these 10 tips to stay warm when cycling this winter!

  1. Layer Your Clothing

Rule number one for staying warm on the bike is to layer your core. Not only will it keep you warmer than opting for a single thick jacket, but it will also make adjusting to temperature changes easier. When it gets really freezing, you may also want to consider layering with leg warmers and arm warmers under your clothes.

  1. Bring a Spare Jacket

While you may have layered perfectly for the current weather, you never know when things are going to take a turn for the worse. To be safe, always take an extra windbreaker or vest to add a layer if conditions get especially brutal.

  1. Invest in a Good Base Layer

The job of a base layer is to keep you dry as you sweat. This is especially important during the winter when moisture on the skin can make you cold quickly. While cycling gear can be expensive, splurging on a good winter base layer that fits well, has a high collar, and features technology with moisture-wicking properties will keep you happy and warm on the coldest of days.

  1. Get Some Shoe Covers

Keeping your feet warm is great, but layers of socks will make your shoes uncomfortable. Use a quality shoe cover that’s waterproof and uses wind-stopper fabric to keep cold air out instead.

  1. Cover Your Head

Wear something under your helmet to keep your head warm. A beanie that’s warm but not too thick will work well and you can adjust your helmet to make sure it still fits properly.

  1. Take a Thermos

Cold and even room temperature fluids aren’t a good idea when it’s really cold. Instead, stay warm by filling a thermos with warm tea that you can use to hydrate without freezing.

  1. Take a Break

If you’re heading out for a ride of two to three hours or longer, plan to take a break mid-ride. A coffee shop or restaurant is an ideal place to warm up and take a break. You can also use this opportunity to change any damp clothing and get something warm to drink.

  1. Shield Your Eyes

In the winter, wind and rain can make it hard to see without eye protection. Most of the top sunglasses options for cycling will also come with a clear lens you can switch to when the sun isn’t out.

  1. Have a Feed

Always eat before a winter ride and carry snacks with you. Not only will you need the fuel for exercise, but the food you eat will also go a long way toward keeping you warm on your ride.

  1. Ride Hard

Ride a little harder, and maybe try some bursts of intense speed like you would in interval training. This will both shorten the amount of time you’re outdoors and help maintain your core temperature up.

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