15 Tips for the New Road Cyclist

Author: Cyclingdeal Date Posted:12 July 2017

Road cycling is great fun as well as being good for your health and a convenient mode of transport. But getting into road cycling for the first time can be quite intimidating. Here are 15 handy tips from the team at CyclingDeal to help navigate the beginning stages of your cycling journey.


Wearing the right safety gear is especially important for new riders. Helmets can prevent severe head injury (as well as being mandatory to wear in Australia – so do it at least to avoid a fine!)

#2 Extra Protection

You might also want to add other protective measures – knee or elbow pads or back protectors – for peace of mind in the event of an accident. While it might not count as “safety gear”, we’d also recommend a good pair of padded shorts to help you acclimatise to the discomfort of bike seats.

#3 Sports Glasses

Sports glasses act as a windshield, protecting your eyes from oncoming bugs and stopping them from drying out. They can also provide UV protection.

#4 Clean and Oil You Chain

Maintaining a clean and well-oiled bike chain is essential for the smooth functioning of your bike, preventing it from creaking or slowing you down. If you’ve been riding in the wet or you’ve been exposed to dust on windy days, this is especially important. Keeping it well-maintained will also mean it lasts longer – saving you money in the long run.

#5 Check Tyre Pressure

It is necessary to adjust tyre pressure for different conditions. For instance, too much pressure on a wet road will result in a lack of traction on the slippery surface.

#6 Clean Your Bike

Not only will this keep it looking nice, but caked up dirt and grime can prevent the proper functioning of the bike.

#7 Be Prepared for a Tyre Puncture

This is a common problem. Carrying the tools to repair a puncture and a new replacement tube could save you walking your bike home.

#8 Carry Basic First Aid Equipment

Especially on long rides, it’s important to know and carry some basic first aid equipment in case help is a while off.

#9 Map Out Journeys

Know where you’re going in advance, so you don’t add extra stress to your ride.

#10 Try New Routes

It’s easy to get stuck in a familiar groove. Try new routes to the same destinations, as well as rides to new destinations. Slowly get out of your comfort zone.

#11 Drink Water

Stay hydrated, especially on hot days. You don’t want to faint on your first ride.

#12 Road Safety

Always follow the road rules and be safe. Cyclists are particularly vulnerable, so stay visible and follow the rules around cars.

#13 Keep Your Phone on You

Especially if you’re riding alone, a phone will keep you in contact if you need help, or if you need to consult a map when you’re lost.

#14 Ride with Friends

Riding with an experienced friend can alleviate some of the first-time anxiety. And they can introduce you to a lot of tips gained from experience.

#15 Keep Up the Calories!

Long and intense rides burn a lot of energy. Keep your calorie intake up to avoid running out of gas.


CTA: CyclingDeal has everything the new road cyclist needs. From safety gear to bike parts, visit our website to help kick-start your cycling journey!

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