Cycling for Weight Loss

Author: Cyclingdeal Date Posted:12 July 2017

Cycling is a great way to achieve your weight loss goals, and unlike other exercise routines, it doesn’t have to get repetitive or require a gym membership. CyclingDeal has provided some tips for using cycling to achieve your weight loss goals.

Use Cycling as Transport

Instead of sitting in the car on the way to work or staring out the window on a crowded train, why not ride to work each day? Depending on the length and intensity of the ride, this could give you quite a workout on its own. Furthermore, exercise stimulates the brain, making for a more productive workday and putting you in a healthy frame of mind.

Cycle with Friends

Embarking on any exercise routine can get boring within a few weeks and lead to decreased motivation. Find a friend who also wants to achieve some weight loss goals and cycle with them. Compare notes and push each other on hard rides. An element of friendly competition can be very helpful in maintaining motivation.

Engage in Different Types of Cycling

While long rides might be good for your cardiovascular health, short intense rides might be more effective for fat burning. Interval training (riding as fast as you can for 60 seconds, then taking a 60-second break and repeating) can push your body to its limits. This style of exercise has been shown to improve your metabolic rate, meaning you'll be burning calories long after the exercise is completed. Attempting uphill rides can also lead to more muscle development. Not only will you burn fat, but you’ll also gain a more athletic and shapely physique. Varying the styles of cycling can lead to a balanced overall body health – from shoulders to core muscles to legs.

Keep Track of Your Weight Loss Goals

Like any exercise regimen, better results will be gained if you keep track of your development. Keeping note of things like distance covered, heart rate, and other metrics will allow you to keep pushing to be your best. Keeping track of your weight will also allow you to notice when things aren’t working (and adjust your plan accordingly) and will provide you with positive motivation when your plan is working.

Diet and Sleep

Your body needs the right nutrition and sleep to be able to recover effectively and allow you to athletically perform. Eat a broad diet with lots of plants and protein, and avoid excesses of sugar and alcohol. Be sure to get 6-8 hours sleep a night to ensure the muscles have time to recover. CTA: Cycling is a great way to achieve your weight loss goals and to improve your overall bodily and mental health. CyclingDeal has an array of products to help you achieve these goals. Contact us today!