HASA Comp 3.0 Review/testimonial

Date Posted:17 March 2011

Firstly, Excuse my lack of vocabulary and any mistakes, I'm only 15.


Where shall I start? There are so many good things about this bike it's impossible to pick so I will tell you the story of me and my awesome new bike. The experience from the very beginning.
My bike search started when I decided I needed a new bike, as a 15 year old, you grow which means you generally need a bigger bike. I'll be honest, I haven't been the 'bike fanatic' most of you are so I didn't know too many bike shops around, and when you don't know stuff where do you go? THE INTERNET. I googled bike shops around Melbourne and checked practically every site. And the best value for money bike in my price range (as I'm only 15 and don't have a job its only $400) was a bike I shall not name. It was reduced by $200-$300 which I thought was great. I spent a whole day on that, if your wondering shouldn't I be at school, well it was the holidays! The next day I went on heaps of forums about bikes and the bike I was considering. People say with only $400 your best bet would be ebay but they obviously didn't know about CYCLINGDEAL.COM. I didn't know about it at the time either so yes I tried to buy a few put gee, in the last minute it goes up by at least $100 and the bikes are second hand. BTW by the time all this had happened I knew a fair bit about bikes. 
The next day, I don't know how it happened, it was some sort of miracle but I found the cycling deal website!! I was even luckier that it was located in Melbourne. The bikes here are all at least 50% off. With such good deals, you could get a bike that is twice as good as bikes from bike shops and a bike that is brand new instead of second hand one from ebay. I emailed the friendly staff at cycling deal and bam! The next thing you know they've replied, other bike shops don't have as good a service. 
I'm being 100% honest here, the prices were too god to be true so this sounded kind of dodgy. I then did another whole day of research googleing things like ‘are hasa bikes good' ‘anyone heard of hasa' anyone got a hasa bike' there wasn't much information at all. But what convinced me was this one review http://www.bicycles.net.au/forums/vi...p?f=44&t=22066 and this is why I'm writing this. So all of you doubtful people can read this and trust this brand. Before this I had never heard of the brand let alone seen it and I'm sure pretty sure everybody doesn't know about the brand because if they did everyone would have a HASA! The only reason people have doubts about it is because nobody has heard of the brand and the prices are too good to be true, but trust me this is a genuinely great bike, it has the exact same parts as a Giant, Trek and GT but the only difference is the frame and I can tell you the frame is actually better (lighter)! 
Anyway, back to the story, so I read the review and started to trust the unknown brand HASA. A couple of day later when my parents were free we went down to the shop and I wasn't sure what to expect. When I walked in it was very neat with all the different types of bike displayed. A friendly staff member assisted us and showed us all the good features about the bike. I rode it and loved it so we bought it. It also comes with a 5 year warranty on the frame and 1 year on the parts which is great (not like I'll ever need it)
First thing I did when I got home was assemble it. Any bike enthusiast could do it with their eyes closed. Like I said before I wasn't too good with bike and never put one together or adjusted anything. As it was 95% already assembled all I need to do was put the front wheel on with you don't need a brain to do, put the seat and pedals which you don't need a head to do. The last thing was to stick the handle bars on which as hard as sticking a pole in a hole and tighten a bolt. I'm pretty sure that was it. The next bit was a little harder I'll admit. It was pretty much ready to go after that but you have to do some adjustments with the derailleur's and brakes. I'm not an expert on that so I just took it to my local bike shop but I'm pretty sure you could look up how to do it on YouTube. And that was about it. That's how I got my HASA bike. Now to review the bike.
Where bought and Price: I bought this from the warehouse in Melbourne for $399
How it is being used: As most of you all know when you get something new you used it in 80% of your free time. So I used it flat out for the first week and now use it about twice a week and go for a long trail ride with mates on the weekend which is fun.
Description: The most important part of the bike is the frame and this is 7005 Aluminium unlike giants 6061 which makes it lighter I think. It looks pretty cool and feels great. It's got a pretty big head badge which is also pretty cool. The actual colour of the frame is a bit different than what is show on the website because the red is more of a brown (you can see it in the pictures attached)
The parts on the bike include:
  • RST Gila fork with lockout
  • Promax 320 Disk Brakes
  • Shimano Alivo transmission (except front derailleur which is acera)
  • Weinmann x-star 18 rims which I think are awesomely shiny!
  • Continental tyres
  • Wellgo pedals which I'm replacing
  • Alloy handle bar, stem and seat post
  • For the parts, it has unbeatable value for money
  • Nothing under $600 can compare
  • No bike that are around $400 come with alivo transmission 
  • Frame seems study and strong
  • Offers a 5 year warranty on frame
  • Rims are awesomely shiny
  • Brakes work well
  • The 80mm forks have lockout
  • Not any major negatives, just a little things that don't really affect the performance
  • Comes in one colour
  • For some weird reason when I stand and pedal it makes a clicking sound every time I push with my right foot, I didn't come like that though and I should get it fixed.
  • I don't really like the handle bar, kind of a bit bulky and not that good looking but you can also get a better one for $20, I should but I don't have money
  • The grip is terribly uncomfortable and takes ages to get use to, I should change that but then again I don't have money
  • Could have better pedals cause mine chipped ( maybe I'm just unlucky but I'm getting new ones)
  • I'll tell you a funny story, this is entirely my fault not the bikes, anyway I did a bunny hop on to the corner of a brick (accidentally) and bam...there goes my tyre tube and $10 I was saving to get new grips. It was a fun experience though; I changed my tyre tube for the first time!
Additional note: Buying this hasa bike was a bit of a risk but I can tell you they are definitely genuine and a good brand so now you don't have to worry, If you're buying online, mark my work, you won't be disappointed and if you're in Melbourne go check out their store.
Recomendations: I would be lying if I didn't think this was a bit dodgy but after all this turned out to be one of the best things to ever happen to me. The bikes there are super value for money and I'm enjoying trail riding heaps more. If you're choosing between a few bikes at the moment, I can't urge you enough to pick this brand as you cannot go wrong. I can tell you one thing form all this....I will not buy another brand ever again!
Quality 9/10
Preformance 10/10
Value 10000/10


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