HASA R1-12 Published on Cover of TMBK magazine 2012 Mar.- Apr

Date Posted:5 March 2012


                                        ( HASA R1-12 Published on Cover of   TMBK magazine 2012 Mar.- Apr   )


 About HASA The Brand 

HENG FENG BICYCLE CO LTD  “HASA” was established in the early 90’s in Taiwan. A passion for bicycles was the motive for its birth, and “HASA” the brand of the company is the proud product of that passion and technical innovation

In the beginning, we focused on the development of folding bicycles, following the trends of the market and the changes in sporting tastes. Heng Feng adapted to the demands of the customer, and so the company started its business of designing producing and assembling all kinds of bicycle. 

By devoting all of its energies, HASA bikes are well equipped with leading brand components and accessories. As far as creativity is concerned, HASA is very much about satisfying the requirements of the rider, in this regard and as the frame is the sole of the bicycle, so we have engaged in developing TI (titanium), and Carbon Fibre frames and those of accessories. If you browse through our website you will see the rewards of these efforts.

The MINIMAX (full carbon fibre frame) folding bicycle is the most prestigious and patented masterpiece of high quality and advanced technology that has lead HASA R&D into a brand new milestone.

As the HASA brand goes from strength to strength, Heng Feng have won the reputation again and again in the yearly bike show of Taipei, Shanghai Bike Fair and Eurobike, with its innovated and unique design of frame, components and valuable equipment. Now the HASA brand is swiftly expanding in all worldwide markets.

The innovated idea of design, customer driven focus, product excellence, outstanding performance and excellent value for money are the best description of the HASA slogan “OUR DESIGN, YOUR STYLE” and HASA will positively devote itself as the challenger of mission and vision in the cycling field.

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