Testimonial HASA F1 Folding Bike

Date Posted:26 November 2010

I recently took delivery of a spanking new Hasa F1 which I purchased from a shortlist of folders that included Brompton and Moulton. Foldable bikes, that are reputable, range in price from $1500 up to over $3000. So this makes the F1 something of a bargain. A six speed Brompton P6R retails for around $2100 and weighs in at 11.5 kilos. This is exactly the same weight as the Hasa F1 8 speed. Brompton uses a steel frame and rubber suspension while the Hasa uses a state-of-the-art aluminium frame with a beautifully designed rear section that carries the back wheel and derailleur. Although it does not use a triangulated rear frame, the bike suffers no flexing whatsoever when pushed to the limit through the gears. The entire bike is extremely rigid without the slightest hint of wallow and this taughtness encourages a spirited ride. The Brompton that I test rode was also very solid in the frame but if I had to choose a winner in the frame stakes, I’d say that the F1 has a sharper feel to it.

Both the Brompton and the F1 claim a maximum rider weight of 110 kilos though the Brompton opts for the smaller 16” wheels. The F1 uses the more common 20” rims giving a slightly smoother ride on bumpy roads and over cobblestones. I took the opportunity to change the original excellent Kenda tyres for a set of Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres which cost $200 fitted. The F1 handles the heavier puncture resistant Marathon Pluses with ease - the heavier tyres do not detrimentally affect F1s balance at all - and the Schwalbes are sure-footed when pushed hard around corners.

The build quality on the F1 is impressive. All of the frame’s many welds are finely rendered and clearly visible under the beautiful paintwork. Hasa has used a pearlescent white that has a true mother-of pearl quality to it reminiscent of a Ferrari paint job. The fittings are all brand name like Shimano and Weinmann and the attention to detail is of a very high order indeed. I can’t find one part of the frame or the bike that has been fudged. Even the side stand is a lovely piece of work that operates easily and is also made out of lightweight alumium.

Overall, the ride is firm and the handling is decisive. It turns, accelerates, brakes and cruises without any drama and when you do pull up to admire the view, you’ll find that curious onlookers gaze glances of admiration. The Hasa F1 has it all. It is a winner for commuting to school or to work and for weekend rides in and around the urban jungle. Well done Hasa.

Written by Fiona Vi Nguyen.  

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