The Best Apps for Cyclists

Author: Cyclingdeal Date Posted:12 July 2017

For both the recreational and the serious cyclist, the new raft of cycling related apps for smartphones has been a godsend. The team at CyclingDeal has examined the best apps that can help you take your ride to the next level!

Google Maps

It may be obvious, but there’s no beating this map for sheer comprehensiveness of coverage and functionality. Google Maps allows you to plan your journey in even some of the most remote places. The bike-specific journey planners and real-time traffic conditions are invaluable tools for anyone on a time limit. And the street-view function with its panoramic three-dimensional capability can give ride-planners a flavour of the particular locale they’re considering riding too. Google’s voice directions and on-the-fly adaptations for quicker routes mean no more stopping to consult the directions.


Strava is an app directed at the serious cyclist and those in training. Not only does it cover the distance you ride, but is also covers metrics such as heart rate, elevation, and speed. Strava also features a social dimension where you can compare yourself with other users (or social riding groups you set up) to compare your individual metrics or compare your individual “suffer score” based on the zone of your heart rate. One great thing about Strava is that the different metrics allow you to compare yourself with your peers on different levels – providing motivation not only for fun but for really pushing yourself to your cycling goals. Strava also lets you post photos and comment on others’ rides. It’s a basically a cyclist’s social media and competition app rolled into one!

Runtastic Mountain Bike

The Runtastic Mountain Bike app is aimed at those with a particular passion for the off-road. Not only does it share many features with Strava – but it has many off-road mountain bike trails built into its map database. These can be downloaded for use without an internet connection, which is often the case (as every mountain bike rider knows!).

First Aid by British Red Cross

This isn’t strictly a cycling-focused app, but it might turn out to be the most important app of all. Cyclists are particularly prone to injury – whether you’re in heavy traffic or by yourself in a remote location. The app provides first aid quizzes for a regular person to work through so they are prepared for an array of common injuries. It also provides reference information for use in the event of the injury itself. As all the information is all stored on your phone, it doesn’t require an Internet connection. This is a particularly handy app to have, especially if professional help is a long way off or out of reach. CTA: Be part of the CyclingDeal community by connecting us on Facebook! Keep up with our deals and offers for a great range of cycling parts for all your riding needs!

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