The Right Bike for the Right Ride

Author: Cycling Deal Date Posted:1 June 2016

There is a lot of debate in cycling circles about which is the best style of bike – mountain, road, or the style-straddling hybrid. But the fact is, none of these bikes is definitively better; it all depends on what you want out of your bike.

For mountain bikes and road bikes, it’s there in the name – but what makes these bikes work so well for their different purposes, and when should you opt for a hybrid instead of either one?

Riding the Road Less Travelled

If you want to get out of the city, away from the town, and even off a track of any kind, then a mountain bike is what you need. On a mountain bike, you sit upright to have a good view of unpredictable terrain. Their flat handlebars give you more control over steering and they are equipped with thicker shock-absorbing tyres.

A typical mountain bike also has a shock absorbing suspension system. Hill climbing is a lot easier on a mountain bike because they have a wider gear range than a typical road bike. These bikes are heavier than road bikes, which can take some getting used to, but this extras heft is due to their much great strength. It also makes them more comfortable to ride. If the ride you’re planning involves unpaved trails, steep drops, jumps, rocky terrain, or other such challenges, only a mountain bike will do.

Going the Distance, Going for Speed

Road bikes are lightweight machines built for speed, smooth riding, and long distances. They have drop handlebars and skinny tyres, creating a low, aerodynamic riding position and minimising tyre drag for added speed. Road bikes also have small seats to reduce friction between the saddle and your legs as you ride. Designed for speed and smooth riding, they are nimble, fast handling, precision machines.

Road bikes can be a little tricky to get the hang of, but if you need to ride long distances regularly and get places fast, it’s worth the work. On well-paved roads, and with a little experience, road bikes are actually more enjoyable and easier to ride than other bike types.

The Hybrid Twist

Hybrid bikes elegantly combine the comfort and upright riding position of a mountain bike with the lighter weight, slimmer tyres, and responsive features of a road machine. The Tyres are narrower than those on a mountain bike but wider and more robust than a road bike. Hill climbs are also easier on a hybrid, as they feature a similar wide gear range to their mountainous cousins. They also handle well on less than perfect roads, including milder trail riding – but a hybrid won’t be able to stand up to the roughest of terrains.

Though hybrids are not as fast as road bikes nor as rugged as mountain bikes, they are great for the city-dweller who likes to cruise through alleyways or take their bike out to the bush.

Get Riding

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