Ultimate Guide to Bike Repair Stands

Author: cyclingdeal Date Posted:3 February 2014

Learn more about the benefits of bike repair stands, how they work, and what the best choice for you is.

Why use one?

Some people can be resistant to investing in a bike repair stand because they don't understand the various benefits it can hold. For starters, it's a much safer way of performing maintenance or repairs on your bicycle, for both you and your two wheeled vehicle.

Putting your bike upside down for stability can do serious damage to various parts, as well as cause strain on your back. Not to mention there's a much greater chance of losing balance and having everything come tumbling down, which you won't run the risk of with a quality, sturdy bike stand.

Despite their name, they are useful for more than just repairs, though. They can also be a fantastic tool for cleaning your bike, which prevents further damage down the track, and keeps your prized possession looking sharp.

What do they do?

While bike repair stands come in a number of formats, their basic function remains the same. They are designed to hold your bike still in a stable way, so you can clean, maintain, or repair without fear anything will come crashing down. It also means no pressure is being placed on any of the bike's parts, which will result in much more harm than good.

A majority of bike repair stands will also allow you to adjust the height to which you want to keep your bike at, making the process even more efficient and comfortable for you.

How do I use one?

Again, this varies between independent bike repair stands. Mostly, they will come with a spring cam-style clamp or a screw down clamp. The former is more favourable, as it is quite easy to use and works with a range of different types of bikes, thanks to its adjustable design. The screw down clamp is a little more difficult to use, and requires you to hold your bike in place while screwing down the clamp. This does work better with thin-walled tubes and lightweight bikes, though.

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