Wellgo Pedals

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Wellgo B155 BMX Bike Pedals
Wellgo B281 CNC MTB BMX Sealed Bearings Pedals
Wellgo LU313B Platform Flat Sealed Pedals
Wellgo LU313U Platform Flat Pedals
Wellgo MG-1 Magnesium Platform Flat Sealed Pedals
Wellgo MG-22 Magnesium BMX Mountain Bike Pedals
Wellgo MG-5 MagnesiumPlatform Flat Sealed Pedals

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Wellgo is an international brand built on their reputation for producing precisely engineered cycling parts. Thanks to Cycling Deal, you can secure Wellgo pedals, cleats, and other parts from these international-industry leaders, and at amazingly cheap prices too!

On all of our products, including our bikes for sale, we offer fast delivery right across Australia. This allows you to secure and attain your purchase quickly after you buy it, without ever having to stray away from the convenience of online shopping.

Browse through Cycling Deal's store today and discover great Wellgo pedals, cleats, and more.

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