Mountain Bike Shoes Guide

How to choose the right pedals and shoes Very usful guide.

Weight is key for a road racer so a one sided design is lighter, but as the cleat protrudes from the shoe, this type of pedal is not suitable for mountain biking where riders sometimes have to walk over rough terrain. That is why there are a lot of casual road bike riders prefer mountain bike shoes and using one side entry pedals (View the picture XRF06TT).

And the advantage for using those pedals could be

  • Riders can walk on small cleats
  • Riders only need one pair of shoes for both mountain bike and road bikes


  • Small platform for road bike is not enough
  • Losing the pedaling powers for road bike riders
  • The MTB shoes are too heavy for road bikes


Mountain Bike Clipless Pedals

A large proportion of regular mountain bikers use Shimano’s SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) system. With a simple axle and retention mechanism and a dual-sided action, SPD pedals operate with a small cleat recessed into the bike shoe allowing the rider to walk around with ease when not on the bike. They have a smaller contact area than a road pedal and some people find them uncomfortable especially if wearing flexible, trail-friendly hiking-type shoes.

The most popular cleats system for MTB clipless bike pedals is SPD

All Shimano, Wellgo and Xpedo MTB clipless pedals we are selling are Shimano SPD system. and they are compatible with all brand SPD type mountain bike shoes including XPEDO.

Key Points to Consider when Buying Clipless Bike Pedals

  • Choose an entry-level pedal when trying the clipless system for the first time to avoid a wasted shoe and pedal purchase should riding clipped in prove too difficult.
  • Check whether the cleats are included in the pedal price. On cheaper models they are often extra which can add around $15 to the price.
  • Most pedals have a built in float allowing side to side movement of the foot whilst clipped in. Without it the knee cannot flex and knee problems could be the result. Riders prone to knee injuries should choose a bike pedal with a large degree of float adjustment.
  • Cyclists who ride both on and off road bikes should choose a cleat system requiring only one pair of shoes, most likely a mountain bike clipless pedal as road pedal mechanisms are not interchangeable due to the larger cleat. Alternatively, opt for two sets of pedals and shoes.
  • Nervous riders or those who like to wear hiking-type bike shoes may want to consider a caged clipless pedal, giving more comfort at the contact point and allowing the foot to rest unclipped on the platform on difficult terrain.
  • Check compatibility of shoes if upgrading to a new model of pedal as certain brands only fit certain models.

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