Road Bike Shoes Guide

How to choose road bike shoes and Pedals Great helpful guide

Clipless bike pedals allow the rider's feet to be attached to the pedals through the use of special shoes. These allow the most efficient transfer of power from the cyclist's legs to the pedals, as there is no loss of energy. The feet remain attached during all 360 degrees of the pedal rotation. This means power is applied both during the upstroke, pulling the pedals up, as well as on the downstroke, pushing the pedals down.


  • Maximum transfer of power to the pedals
  • A complete feeling of attachment to the bike


  • Specialized shoes needed to utilize clipless pedals
  • Learning how to click in and out of the pedals can be challenging. And it may take a while to remember to click out of the pedals as you approach a stop. Most people who use clipless pedals have fallen over at intersections at least once when they first started riding because they forgot to remove their feet before it was too late. I know I did.

Most Popular Road bike Pedals Cleats Types 

  • Shimano SPD SL
  • Look ARC
  • Look KEO

Normally Look system in road bike pedals is better than Shimano SPD SL system. Look system makes it easier to click in and click out and safer to use. Different cleats for different pedals. But all those three most popular systems are compatible with three hole system shoes.


Road Cycling Shoes


Road-biking shoes are distinguished by their exceptionally stiff soles to facilitate power transfer to your pedals. Road shoes and cleats are not designed for extended walking and therefore do not have much in the way of traction on the sole. They are uncomfortable to walk in over longer distances due to their inability to flex. This is a performance feature and is done to create the most efficient power transfer possible while on the bike.

Virtually all road shoes offer lightweight construction and good ventilation. As you look at higher-priced models, materials such as carbon fiber or magnesium are used to further increase sole rigidity and fit systems allow greater customization. On many styles, a small rubber pad on the heel provides the only traction.

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